live_help Hypervision readme
  • chevron_rightWelcome to Hypervision
    HyperVision is the officially sponsored project by forum member ToniHC. HyperVision's goal is to provide the HyperSpin experience on the Microsoft X-Box. This is accomplished by recording video of a running HyperSpin distribution on a PC, then editing and converting the captured video to the X-Box's XMV video format on a per-game basis. Because it uses captured video for its artistic elements, HyperVision achieves a lightning-fast GUI interface with a high level of artistic sophistication. Unfortunately, this also limits the ability of the user to add games or personalize the experience without entering into the realm of video capture for themselves.
  • chevron_rightI heard there are standalone varient of HyperVISION?
    Yes. There is a Capcom version, and a Neo Geo version. Search the main page for the links, or visit the forums.
  • chevron_rightHow do I exit Hypervision?
    There is usually a 'Shutdown' menu item added, which triggers the command. If your build doesn't include it, you'd need to power down your Xbox manually ... Or add the menu item yourself.
  • chevron_rightCan I add CoinOps packs to Hypervision?
    No. You cannot simply move CoinOps marquees, saves, videos, etc. over to Hypervision.