live_help Premium readme
  • chevron_rightWelcome to Premium
    Now retired - It has been superceeded by Ninja
  • chevron_rightWhere to setup Game Media?
  • chevron_rightWhere to setup Game Videos?
    Premium\videos\Gamename.xmv or Premium\GamesFolder...\Gamename\FolderArt.xmv
  • chevron_rightCan I add my own Overlay for Games?
    Yes - Premium\skin\Default\media\Right Half Helper (640x720)
  • chevron_rightHow do I speed up the artwork transition?
    Pack the art into Texture.xpr or Premium.xpr
    Add in the Media you want. Double Click - Create PREMIUM Texture. Copy the created file "premium.xpr" to your xbox in "Premium\skin\Default\media\"
  • chevron_rightHow do I exit a game?
    Press START+BACK during gameplay and this will take you back to the game selection page
  • chevron_rightHow do I access Settings?
    Press the RIGHT THUMBSTICK button at the main game selection page.
  • chevron_rightHow do I access the FTP?
    Standard F Drive FTP access (only F partition is visible):
    User = XBOX
    Pass = XBOX
    port = 21

    To see all partitions (warning, advanced users only):
    User = MASTER
    Pass = USER
    port = 21
  • chevron_rightHow do I change the Custom Background?
    Press the RIGHT THUMBSTICK button to change the Custom Background
  • chevron_rightWhy do I have no animation?
    Press the RIGHT THUMBSTICK button to change the animation to instant.
  • chevron_rightCan I change the look and animation of the interface?
    YES Press the RIGHT THUMBSTICK button.
  • chevron_rightCan I refresh the settings and thumbnails to defaults?
    YES While booting hold down BOTH THUMBSTICK buttons.
  • chevron_rightCrashes at boot screen, is there a recovery mode?
    While booting hold down both White and Y.
  • chevron_rightHow do I show the Memory Remaining and other debug information?
    While booting hold down X and Y buttons.
  • chevron_rightCan I change the aspect ratio and sharpness of the games?
    Press the RIGHT THUMBSTICK at the main game selection page to access settings.
  • chevron_rightCan I change from NTSC or PAL? (NTSC recommended as games run better and HD is supported)
    Press the RIGHT THUMBSTICK at the main game selection page to access settings.
  • chevron_rightIs HD output supported?
    YES, 720P is supported. You must be using NTSC and the MS dash must be setup to support it.
  • chevron_rightWhat Systems does this support?
    Movies and TV shows
    Music Albums
    Picture Slideshows
    Arcade Games (MAME)
    Atari 2600
    Atari 7800
    Atari 800
    Atari Lynx
    Atari ST
    Atari XL
    Commodore 64
    CPS2 and NeoGeo
    DemonFront & DDP2
    Doom 2
    Final Burn Alpha
    Gameboy Advance
    Gameboy Color
    Killer Instinct 1
    Killer Instinct 2
    Leath Enforcers
    Neo Pocket
    NES 2
    Nintendo 64
    PC Engine
    PC Engine CD
    Raiden 2
    Sega CD
    Sega Master System
    Super NES
    Super NES 2
    Super NES 4P
    XBOX games apps etc
  • chevron_rightWhy is there SNES2 Core?
    This is a way faster Core that plays more games but lacks some features.
  • chevron_rightWhy is there NES2 Core?
    This is a way faster Core that plays more games but lacks some features
  • chevron_rightSome games don?t return to the main game list when I press Start + Back?
    All XBOX games, or anything run from a default.xbe, has not been coded to do so.
  • chevron_rightWhy doesn?t the Dooms run?
    You require being in NTSC or Pal 60 for this to work.
  • chevron_rightWhy does SNES sound so bad?
    You require being in NTSC for the sound to work fully.
    You can also use the SNES2 core.
  • chevron_rightWhy can't I use the joystick in Commodore 64 games?
    You need to swap to the joystick mode using X button.
  • chevron_rightWhy cant I start or select alot of options with the gamepad?
    Some games use the virtual keyboard and the controller cant be used
    Press White to bring up the virtual keyboard
  • chevron_rightDoes this support CPS2 (later Capcom stuff) at full speed?
    YES, when using the FBA core.
  • chevron_rightDoes this support Killer Instincts?
    YES, setup required; see below
  • chevron_rightDoes Tekken 3 work?
    Yes, just keep pressing Start as the game is booting.
  • chevron_rightHow do I swap to Disc 2 on the Amiga?
    Press Start to swap to Disc 2.
  • chevron_rightWhy do some games not have high score saving support?
    If you play a game that supports high score saving but do not exit back to the main game menu the game will not save.
  • chevron_rightWhy do games only save high scores sometimes?
    Some PCB's had a battery that kept the score in the arcade, so when the game exits high scores are lost as there is no battery.
  • chevron_rightCan I backup my high scores?
    Can I backup my high scores?
  • chevron_rightWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of the Final Burn Core?
    This Core is faster, but it loses the CoinOPS features like Pixel Perfect etc.
  • chevron_rightHow do I enable Autofire?
    Left Thumb Button - Enable Semi-Automatic fire
    Right Thumb Button - Enable Autofire (Pressing fire can charge your weapons)
    BACK - Quickly Disable Autofire
  • chevron_rightHow do I adjust the screen size? (Consoles)
    Press RIGHT THUMBSTICK button
    NOTE - If Consoles Use Correct Aspect Ratio is enabled this option will be disabled
  • chevron_rightHow do I change my default keymap (Arcades)?
    ENABLE it in settings
    Then when playing a game press BACK + WHITE and select Remap Gamepad

    Note - If you have a custom key map for this arcade game it will override the default keymap. The custom keymaps are located in CoinOPS\cfg\ folder and if you wish to change the keys, delete the custom maps already there.
  • chevron_rightHow do I change my default keymap? (Consoles & Final Burn)
    ENABLE it in settings then press Left Thumbstick Button
    Left Thumbstick button - Will remove the stored thumbnail so it can be rebuilt
    Right Thumbstick button - Enter settings menu
    BACK and WHITE - Pause Game and Remap Controller or Cheat
    BACK and BLACK - Show Framerate And Free Memory
    BACK and Left Trigger and Right Trigger - Restart Game
    BACK and Right Thumbstick Button - Onscreen Display
    BACK and Right Trigger and Right Thumb Button - Load Game (Buggy)
    BACK and Left Trigger and Right Thumb Button - Save Game (Buggy)
    BACK and Left Thumb Button - Lightgun Crosshair Display
    BACK and A and B - Take In Game Snapshot
  • chevron_rightADVANCED IN GAME CONTROLS (CONSOLES & Final Burn)
    BACK and WHITE - Save State (CONSOLES only)
    BACK and BLACK - Load Saved State (CONSOLES only)
    WHITE - Virtual Keyboard (Some CONSOLES only)
    BLACK / BACK / B - Close Virual Keyboard (Some CONSOLES only)
    Left Thumbstick Button - Remap the Controller (CONSOLES & Final Burn)
    Right Thumbstick Button - Resize the Screen (CONSOLES & Final Burn)
    START - Swap to Discs (Amiga Only non WHD)
    BACK - Swap back to Disc 1 (Amiga Only non-WHD)
  • chevron_rightLOCATION OF THE MEDIA
    To change the location of your media change Premium/UserData/sources.xml
    <path>Q:\1stGames\</path> // Delete add or change a path Q:/ is PREMIUM Path no matter where it is
    <path>F:\</path> // Delete add or change a path
    <path>G:\</path> // Delete add or change a path
    <path>E:\Emulators\</path> // Delete add or change a path
  • chevron_rightSPECIAL LAUNCHERS
    Autoplay.txt - Will cue and play an album (can be video)
    Slideshow.txt - Slidshows the folder when selected
    Setting.txt - Opens the settings window
    fastopen.txt - this fast opens a folder and ignors checks for default.xbe, SNES xbe etc and makes it open alot faster
    Shutdown.txt - Shutsdown when selected
    Reboot.txt - Reboots when selected
    Small.txt - Will Display the Video in a smallerbox lower in the screen
    PREMIUM/Small.txt (root directory) - Will forever display the Video in a smallerbox lower in the screen
    SmallMid.txt - Will Display the Video in a smallerbox in the middle of the screen
    PREMIUM/SmallMid.txt (root directory) - Will forever display the Video in a smallerbox in the middle of the screen
    VideoNudgeLeft.txt - Will Display the Video over to the left
    VideoNudgeRight.txt -Will Display the Video over to the Right
    ARCADESD.txt - This will make the Old Arcrade core run in SD for this game
    Vert.txt - Make the Video Display Aspect for a Vertical Game
    FullScreen.txt - Will Display the Video FullScreen for use when using forced small or smallmid
    NoRotate.txt - Will Stop the Rotation of a game when Game Rotation is enabled. You may only want it for shooters
  • chevron_rightCUSTOMISABLE FOLDER
    Premium/Backdrops/ - Background Pictures
    Premium/Customisation/Main Overlay.png - The Overlay over the Screen
    Premium/Customisation/Background Song.wma - Background Song
    Premium/Customisation/Extra Album Tracks - Background Music Tracks
    and more?
  • chevron_rightMOVIE FILE STACKING
    Movies can be stacked with -CDx
    will become Movie.avi
  • chevron_rightTO LOAD EMULATORS
    Requires the Launcher Shortcut file and the ROM named as per the folder name. The short cut files can be found in
    - Help and ShortCuts\Emulator Launching\


    F:/Games/Commodore 64/ run the commodore 64 game in this you will require
    F:/Games/Commodore 64/Uridium/C64.txt (launcher shortcut)
    F:/Games/Commodore 64/Uridium/ (game)

    This is true for all cores except N64 require:
    F:/Games/Nintendo 64/Mario 64....would require
    F:/Games/Nintendo 64/Mario 64/N64.txt or N64HD.txt
    Mario (game)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip0 boots 1964-510 (Core 1964)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip1 boots 1964-531 (Core 1964)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip2 boots 1964-560 (Core 1964)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip3 boots 1964-612 (Core 1964)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip4 boots 1964-510SD (Core 1964)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip5 boots UltraHLE (Core Project64)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip6 boots Pj64-510 (Core Project64)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip7 boots Pj64-531 (Core Project64)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip8 boots Pj64-560 (Core Project64)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip9 boots Pj64-612 (Core Project64)
    CoinOPS\RomsN64\Gamename.zip10 boots UltraHLE (Core UltraHLE)

    Amiga Require:
    F:/Games/Amiga/IK....would require

    Atari XL Require:
    F:/Games/Atari XL/AXL_Gremlins....would require

    DOS Require:
    F:/Games/DOS/Warcraft....would require

    Doom2 and Killer Insticts require:
    Doom2.txt and PREMIUM/DoomWADS/Doom2.wad
    KI1.txt or KI2.txt and PREMIUM/KI1/filled PREMIUM/KI2/filled

    PSX must be:
    PSX.txt will launch
    PSX.bin will launch
    PSX.img will launch

    Arcades require:
    ARCADE.txt with galaga written in it and then in PREMIUM/RomsOldCore/ folder
    Final Burn CPS2 NEO GEO and Psykio requires a folder with a file called:
    FBA.txt with game=sfa3 written in it and then in PREMIUM/Roms/ folder

    Note alot of Arcade games can run in FBA or oldmamecore....also they might want the default keymap changing

    lots lots more.......